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USG Special Edition: There's a Certain Intensity That a Mustache Brings to the Table

Hey everybody Rick here with a special episode of USG.  Back in April, I had the opportunity to make a trip to California and visit with some friends, a couple of members of USG West Coast to be exact.  (We REALLY need to have these guys on more.) We had discussed the notion of recording something but we did not have a topic in mind at all.  I texted Andrew asking for a little inspiration and he provided the topic of mustaches in film and television.

We ran with it for about half an hour.  

Almost a month later, this show is getting prepped for release and I was bored and so was our Brother From Down Under, Stuart Baulk. So we decided to visit the topic again and found out that myself, Francisco and Aubrey had only covered a fraction of the tip of the iceberg of mustache discussion, a topic that, had we had more time, we probably would have been able to knock out an hour easily.  Well, Stuart and I went through not one, but THREE lists of mustaches in film and television and so here you have it, what is easily one of the most bizarre episodes of USG (and the most fun) that I have had the pleasure to record.  Enjoy this incredibly odd and funny discussion about cinematic and television mustaches!  Thanks for listening!  Stay Geeky! 


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