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Two Years In and the USG is Ending?!?

"If you are reading this, it means that effective immediately, The United States of Geekdom is now ended.  I am not going to specify the reasons as to why the show is ending, but please understand that the environment what the show is being recorded in is no longer an environment that will allow us to continue the show as it currently runs.  Please understand that you listeners have been more than our life blood of the show, you have become our friends over the past two years.  We appreciate your listenership and please be advised that this is not because of anything that any of you listeners have done.  Things sometimes happen that are beyond the control of some of the people involved unfortunately.

It is significant that this news breaks on the second anniversary of the show.  In 2010, I ended my first podcast Amazing Comicast and embarked on a new endeavor.  Amazing Comicast ran three years and 60 episodes.  United States of Geekdom ran for two years, and ran for approximately 40 episodes give or take a few specials and obviously countless episodes of the Collector Sector.  Needless to say, I am proud of what was accomplished on the show this time around. We have had some incredibly fun episodes and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with a talented crew and such wonderful guests...."

WOAH!  Hold the phone.  USG is ENDING?!?  


USG is not going anywhere at this time.  First off,  DON'T PANIC! To explain what you just read.  A few weeks ago, I had no desire to continue the show.  We had taken an extended break from the show after All-Con, with Episode 40 being the end of the "season" for USG. Had we ended there, I would have been satisfied to be perfectly honest.  


In the past five years, I have recorded 100 shows.  (More than that if you count the special editions, and Collector Sectors.)  That makes 60 for Amazing Comicast, and 40 for USG.  What you see above was part of a departure letter and I really had every intention of ending things.  However, something happened.  Over the last two weeks, I had the opportunity to jump in on some incredibly entertaining facial hair in geekdom discussion.  The last of these two episodes will be out very soon.  I assure you.  

That reignited the podcasting fire for me.   Also, had I ended things this soon, we would have had unfinished business.  There are still topics in the hat.  There are discussions to be had, movies to be talked about, directors to be bitched about, and comic writers and artists to be made fun of.  Even still, that lingering thought of ending it all remained.  Then last night, I had the opportunity to have a BS session with Cole, Andy, and Stu.  It felt good.  It really did.
No.  USG is not going anywhere.  We are coming up on two years of the show and there is no reason for me to stop things on it now.  As I said, there is much to still be discussed. I want to hit 100 episodes for this show.  And I know we will.  Over the past two years, I have learned that if you want it bad enough, and work your ass off for it, you can make anything happen.  I am proof of that.  Dr. Horrible at All-Con and me finishing school are my evidence.  We will hit 100 episodes.  There is too much geeky stuff to not talk about to end the show this prematurely.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank the following people.  Jim Dirkes from Film Thugs for his fantastic contributions.  That Doctor Who opening montage a few episodes back was his handiwork and it was beautiful.  Stu and Hunter of the Midnight Movie Cowboys for all they have done for and with us in terms of the podcast and Stu's participation with the Collector Sector.  Roy for his incredibly entertaining show Cult Film Fanatics.  That show has been an invaluable part of the USG for a few months now and it is very well received.

Steve Swanson from the Muppetcast for his participation in the Muppets episode as well as the one about our enablers, co-dependents and significant others.  While we are on that topic, also many thanks to Steve McCauley for jumping in on that episode as well.  Also many thinks to Stacy of the Creepy Kitch podcast for jumping in on the Evil Dead episode as well as Kurt Maksay for his vast knowledge of all things Dungeons and Dragons.  Thanks are in order as well to our Geek Chicks Loran, Shanae, Jacque, and Kerrie for their assistance and contributions and help at events in the past year.  And I would be incredibly remiss if I did not mention Meredith, our USG Intern.  Her enthusiasm for all things geeky is enough to spark any conversation and inspire geekiness in its purest form.  If I missed anyone, I am sorry.  That was a lot of people to thank there!

Of course the show would be nothing without my co-hosts Andrew Farmer, Cole Houston, and Catherine Houston.  You guys make the show fun to make, fun to record and fun to edit.  You guys are the best co-hosts around, awesome friends and I would not trade any of you for the world.  That is the truth.

Also thanks to the guys from USG West Coast, Aubrey and Francisco.  We will have you guys on the show more.  Promise.  

And most importantly, thank you all for listening to the show and thank you all for being supporters.  It really means a ton to all of us here on the show.  You keep listening, we'll keep making the show.  It is you guys who let us know when we fail and also praise us when we succeed. I would have it no other way. Thank you.  Episode 41 will be out sometime soon and we have some really awesome stuff cooking up in the lead up to episode 50!  

OH!  And while you are at it, check out Amazing Comicast.  It is back up on the internet!  Here is a a little something below to whet your appetite.  And here is the link to all the episodes!  I am working on finding the RSS feed for the show so we can get it back up on iTunes.  


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