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Random Bit of Awesomeness: Just stay dead!

Hey Everybody, Rick here with a look at a storyline in comics that essentially brought the comic industry to its knees and not in a good way at all. The Death of Superman was that got me into collecting comics in the early 90s. Having said that, this was not my first foray into comics. Prior to my collecting early IMAGE titles, my first comic book that I bought as a bagged and boarded back issue with my own allowance money was Uncanny X-Men 188. I can't even begin to tell you what the issue was about. Matter of fact, I think the only reason why I bought that issue, was because I could afford it at the time and it was cheap. Either way, I was hooked on the comics collecting. Anyway, the video. This is an explanation about how the Death of Superman ruined comics. How? Watch the video. I do believe we have covered this very topic early in the USG run. Look up the episode entitled "Hootie and the Refrigerator Transaction." A.K.A. Episode 18 and all will be discussed in the usual entertaining USG manner. Anyway, enjoy the video and we are looking forward to your feedback on the topic!


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