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Random Bit of Awesomeness: And now, the legendary M. Jackson

That's right folks, over a 3 day period the USG will celebrate the highlights of one M. Jackson - no not that wacko twat Michael Jackson, instead, the USG will be looking at the great Mark Jackson. Who is Mark Jackson you ask? Well, Mark Jackson - or 'Jacko' as he is more commonly known, was a VFL / AFL player throughout the 1980's in Australia. Known more notoriously for his on field antics, horrible singing voice and various attempts to break into acting with extremely limited success, than for his actual football skills, 'Jacko' was quite unique. He knew his capabilities as a football player were limited, but he decided to give the audience a show of some sort at least, knowing full well he couldn't do it through natural talent.

Anyway, onto the first of our 3 highlights on 'Jacko', we start with the most obvious. In 1985 'Jacko' recorded a single 'I'm an Individual' - it was bad, very bad, but it was huge hit and one that still has a cult following to this very day - what does that say about us Australians? It says we love a good laugh, nor do we take ourselves too seriously.

Our love for 'Jacko' and this song is evidence of that - enjoy.


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