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Cult Film Fanatics: Popeye and Creepshow

It's time for the wackiest episode of Cult Film Fanatics yet! First the panel of misfits try to figure out exactly what went wrong with "Popeye The Movie", in which Xtopher from Sassycast gives the most creative plot description of the film ever. Then, the over 30 crowd are basically called old in our love and admiration of "Creepshow" by our youngest paneslist who just did not get the film. Prior to this, we introduce our new segment where we recommend DVDs for listener to watch, and the description of "Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven" will leave you in stitches. Finally, Roy draws two of the strongest cult film titles yet for the next episode. So get ready to enjoy the latest slice of CULT FILM FANATICS!
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