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Collector Sector May 14th - May 20th

Hey Folks, it's everybody's favorite meat eating-obama hating-red blooded-All American Uncle Ted here..... well, actually, it's not The Nuge, it's just us - we're sorry. Let us make it up to Nuge - I mean you, we proudly present the latest Collector Sector. All four of us are here this time around, so you now it's gonna get rowdy... as rowdy as the spirit of the Great White Buffalo my brothers and sisters - get out of my head, Ted, DAMMIT. OK, so without further adieu, we give you the lowdown on all things Comics, Collectibles and Movies.

Stay F'ing nuts like Uncle Ted

Listen to this episode and then look into the eyes of Grant Morrison for 30 seconds and then tell me you are the same person after that.

Download this episode and then go watch Blubberella on netflix because it is Uwe Boll and he is awesome. (right click and save)

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