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United States of Geekdom Episode 40: I'm Gonna Get You Zucker! or If You Have a Potter's Wheel You Don't Need a Guy! (Part Deux)

If this looks familiar then do not fear.  It's predecessor (sans a link to the show) was either an unfortnate technical error or our April Fool's joke.  For deeply personal reasons I am going to go with the latter.  (That means the second one, Rick).  So enjoy the show (this time) and stay geeky folks!

Welcome to the 40th episode of the United States of Geekdom! This episode we rumble through the usually strange, sometimes down right poignant, films of Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker. Whether as a team or solo, these filmmakers are responsible for some of the most quotable and some of the most loved films of this or any generation. Rick, Catherine, and Cole are joined by special guest Hunter Duesing of the Midnight Movie Cowboys as they start down a path that began with The Kentucky Fried Movie!

So call in the Police Squad and grab a Fistful of Yen because the USG are going to find out just what it means when your mom says, "Don't ever say anything like that again unless you're podcasting!  Click on in below to get you geek on (especially you, Julian Baulk)...

(Temporary Rick)

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