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Random Bit of Awesomeness: DANGER BOB!

Hey Everybody Rick here.  Obviously, I am a Disney fan.  I love to go to the parks when I am in the area for either Anaheim, or the Magic Kingdom in Florida.  Having said that, one of my favorite rides is the Jungle Cruise.  The reason being is the blatant self awareness that the skippers have and their jokes make this ride one of the most entertaining, interactive experiences in the parks.

I first took my first ride on the Jungle Cruise when I was a kid but it was not until 1999 when I rode the Jungle Cruise at night that my love for this classic Disney ride took hold.  I now make every effort possible to get on the Jungle Cruise every single time I go.  If I can get on it at night, all the better because the jokes seem to fly faster and funnier when you have been walking non stop for almost 12 hours.  Yes, I concur, the jokes are absolute groaners but damn if the delivery does not sell even the worst joke every time! Because this is a theme park ride, many of the jokes are going to be repeated but what I love about the skippers is the delivery is unique to each skipper which makes it all the more entertaining.  With all that said, here is video of one such skipper.  I bring you, Danger Bob!


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