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House Keeping for 4/2012

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Hey Everybody Rick here with some much needed housekeeping on the site and the show.  Some good news, some sad news, and some stuff in between…Ready? Here we go!

All-Con 2012 is done and we have already started planning some epic awesomeness for All-Con 2013.  We have some new game shows in the works, some refinements to Beat the USG, and I am already trying to get Dr. Horrible for the con again next year.  However, based on the response we got for the show, I am pushing for an earlier time for our Friday presentation because it means less drunkenness and better behavior from the audience.  I have worked extremely hard to make these screenings a pleasant experience for the audience and the last thing I need is a bunch of drunkards ruining it for those who bring their children to see the film or those who just want to be there to genuinely enjoy.    We are also working on getting a bigger venue for the Doc so that as many people as possible can enjoy it. 


It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye (from Texas, for now) to two of our Geek Chicks.  Our Geek Chick Krystle has decided it is time to settle down and get married and she will be continuing the fight for Geekdom in Kentucky while getting settled with her other duties as Step-Mommy to a great little girl and wife to a pretty decent guy.  Krystle was the first Geek Chick and was instrumental in launching USG TV, Action Figure Theater, and also the G.B.R.C. (Geeky Bureau of Rumor Control).  All of which, while now not as much in play, were still fun to put together and listen to or watch. 

Also leaving the USG for the time being is our very own MVP of All-Con, Jacque.  Jacque was our Anime Geek and also our third Geek Chick.    Jacque was instrumental in providing content for the site and for the show.  However, her most epic contribution was without a doubt, her tireless work at All-Con 2012. Whether it was helping us with set up, participating in the games, or (and most importantly) keeping us on schedule, Jacque was there.  She did not know the meaning of the word quit, and she persevered and made us do the same when we were ready to pass out.  

Her boundless energy was enough to keep us going.  Jacque has answered the call of going up to Virginia and decided to stay there, where she has found a new life, a new love, and a new job; all of which hold promise of great adventure for her. 

Thank you Krystle and Jacque!  Best of luck in your new endeavors and we hope to hear from one or both of you soon! 

Also closing their doors are the original podfathers as it were, the Hollywood Saloon.  Andy Siems announced that he and John Jansen are riding off into the sunset and shuttering the Saloon for good.  While they have been doing less and less shows over the years, their quality is unmatched in many aspects.  Their show, Joe Barlow’s  Cinemaslave, and a few others were my big driving force to start my own podcast and I am deeply saddened to know that the Saloon is ending because I know there were so many shows that they had in the pipeline that we will now never have the opportunity to hear.  Andy and John inspired several of us to do our own shows, USG and Midnight Movie Cowboys included....Thanks guys.  Your contributions to the world of podcasting will never be forgotten...  


You might have noticed that we are putting a temporary halt to things show wise as well.  USG won't have a main show episode until the last week of May.  The explanation is quite simple.  I recently started a new job as a teacher and I am putting all my focus and energy and passion into that job.  That means that I simply do not have time to edit the show for the time being and rather than saddle someone else with the editing duties, I requested the show be put on a hiatus for a couple of months so that I can focus on my new job and learn everything there is to learn there so I can be the best damn teacher around.  This is not to say that we are going away for good.  Far from it.  The Collector Sector will continue on its weekly run, and I had the opportunity to record a little something with the guys from USG West Coast that should be up soon enough.  


Otherwise, I think that is it for now.  I would like to request a couple of humble things from you listeners.  The first is that you post some feedback about us on iTunes.  We love feedback.  Downright thrive on it for that matter.  So please, send that feedback to iTunes, e-mail us at, and also post on the site.  We love to hear from you guys and we respond to everything we get.  

The other thing I have to request is for the benefit of the site.  We have a paypal button on the right side of the main page.  Unfortunately, with my recent pay cut, I might have to shutter the show for longer than May to make ends meet.  I would like to avoid that, and being the money behind the show, I need to be honest here, it is getting more and more difficult to maintain the show going as it is.  So please, feel free to donate to our cause and drop us a couple of bucks through PayPal so we can keep the show going.  If just seven people were to donate 2 dollars each, we could keep the show going for another month.  We will be starting a kickstarter page to help us with our financial goals to keep this show running and buy new equipment that will guarantee more USG for years to come.  Any and all amounts are most appreciated.  

That's it.  I am off my soapbox.  Thanks for reading!  Stay Geeky! 

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