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Hey Everybody Rick here with a special announcement.  With what is arguably the geekiest summer ever on the horizon, I thought it might be most appropriate to let you guys know of what we have planned to properly kick off the summer and also celebrate the movie that Cole himself predicted would never happen. What movie am I talking about?  Only the latest to come out from Adam Sandler.  Anyone interested in seeing "THAT'S MY BOY!"

I am of course, kidding.  The movie I am referring to is THE AVENGERS and this is going to be one of the biggest movies of the year in a year that is already promising to rock our geeky socks off.  Interested?  In the DFW area?  Want to win some potentially cool stuff? Here is what you need to do!

STEP 1: RSVP! This is important so we can know if you are coming so we can make sure to give a accurate number at the restaurant of how many people are coming!

STEP 2: BUY YOUR TICKET EARLY! This is important so you can make sure to not miss out on THE AVENGERS kicking ass and taking names! 

STEP 3: SHOW UP! This is important because if you say you will be there and NOT show up, then that will for sure seal the doom of these USG events! We love doing these events but not if there is a lack of interest!

STEP 4 (and MOST important): Have fun! We are a great gang of people and love to interact with our

listeners! So come out and hang with us and celebrate what is sure to be an awesome time at the movies!

This will also be the first time that all four charter members of the United States of Geekdom will be present for a USG event!  Andrew is not usually in the DFW area, being from Ohio and all that...

How do you get in? 

Click the link here and join up!  We want to make this the biggest USG event ever!  

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