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Collector Sector for April 8th - April 14th

Welcome to the Collector Sector, the ONLY place to get your geek fix fixed.

This week, under the hypnosis of Andy's Skatt Bros. style moustache, we babble on about Comics, Collectables and Movies with our presence graced by Mrs. JediCole also.

So listen on as we try to keep our composure, and not succumb hopelessly to the power of Andy's moustache (yes, that is the USG's own Andrew Farmer and his facial earthworm on the pic on the right )

yep..... glorious isn't it?

Stay Hairy.

Listen to this episode and then immediately email Andrew and pledge your allegiance to his 'tache and his poofy kerchief

Download this episode and then go buy that's bow huntin' because it is the only release worth a damn this week (right click and save)

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