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Collector Sector for April 22nd - April 28th

It's pay day and you're saving all your hard earned dollars you begged your mother for to buy some cool stuff. Well let the experts here at the USG help you blow all your money on something guaranteed to make you geek out and look really cool for all of 5 minutes amongst your saliva riddled fanboy clique . We gots the hook-up on all things comics, collectables, dvd's and a date with Jennifer Lawrence... SUCKED IN FANBOYS, we can't help you with that, nor could the love gods themselves, but we can help you drown your sorrows (and even make you laugh at our expense) on the aforementioned first 3 things.

Stay Geeky.

Listen to this episode with Andrew and Stu cursing each other out and then realize life isn't so bad

Download this episode and then face the shocking fact as Stu tells you all that The Avengers stinks, he knows as he has seen it already (right click and save)

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