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Collector Sector for April 1st - April 7th

We're baaaaccckkkkk.

After a self imposed hiatus by Stu, which in turn led to a mini Jonestown-like following by Andy and Cole, we have banded together again at the bequest of the throngs of people (not to mention all the women who promised us Caligula style delights if we did come back). We are a bit rough around the edges with this one, in fact Stu is so out of touch with podcasting, his re-entrance back onto the show for the first few minutes involves him not even being there... but he is definitely heard (that is some real Allen Funt s**t right there).

Anyway, let us guide you all on a journey, a journey that involves comic books... toys....movies... and fascinating information on One of the great States of America.

All we can say is, sorry we were away, we won't let you down again (now for us to go punch out General Zod and Non, and then have our way with Ursa and Miss Tessmacher)

Download this episode and then go straight to the Buckeye state and scream out I love Michigan (right click and save)

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