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Collector Sector for April 15th - April 21st

SEX, SEX, SEX. Now that we have your attention, here is the the Collector Sector for this week. With free comic book day (which is explained, for the uninitiated AKA Stu) fast approaching, a sub section is included in this very long episode of the Collector Sector featuring a comprehensive list of titles available for free comic book day, as compiled by Andy and Cole.

Also we have a new sponsor onboard this week. Whom may you ask is it? Well, best you listen and find out,.

WARNING: This show is slightly more explicit due to the nature of our sponsor, but nothing you guys and gals can't handle (mmm that's some good double entendre).

Stay Geeky

Listen to this episode and then go to a comic book store on free comic book day and demand The Shadow #1

Download this episode and then go look up the word SEX in the dictionary fanboys because lord knows you've ever had it(right click and save)

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