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We Came, We Saw, We CON-quered: 2012 Edition!

Welcome to the United States of Geekdom, the podcast that talks about what makes us geeks go tick!  We are thrilled to bring you this, our 2012 edition of the USG live at All-Con in Dallas Texas!  We are joined by Andrew Farmer as we first discuss how to protect ourselves from the impending apocalypse.  We are then privileged to being you the first of two epic interviews!  The first one is with friends of the show, the Damsels of Dorkington and you can find the information on them at  We then do a con update and follow it up with another interview with friend of the show Tiffany Franzoni of Roll 2 Play and her upcoming opening of her new store in Coppell Texas!  Finally, Rick and Andrew have some closing thoughts.  Enjoy and thanks for listening!  Stay Geeky!  

Here are some links to help you out!

Damsels of Dorkington
Kickstarter for the Damsels

Roll 2 Play


Nice Rick! This really captures All-Con. I hope to help you out where I can. Just know I support you wholeheartedly!

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