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Random Bit of Awesomeness Trailer Park: AVENGERS

Avengers. Trailer. Watch and be blown away...More from me after the trailer. 

Why am I so excited about this movie? Well, as USG co-host Andy put it, they are finally using the Hulk correctly. This is exactly what I used to dream about happening. Matter of fact, I was predicting this from the Amazing Comicast days (five years ago) when they first announced Iron Man. Cole shot it down as wishful fanboy thinking but wow, I was right! That particular episode will be dropping very soon by the way. For me this movie needs to be successful financially and commercially. I think both will be equally important because it will prove that a mega sized film like this is allowed to exist every few years because I would love to see more movies with these characters every couple of years and build on their individual stories while teaming up together.

I cannot wait.

The Avengers opens in the U.S. on Friday May 4th.

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