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10 Reasons Why You Should See John Carter!

Hey Everybody Rick here with a rather unique kind of review.  See, I was going to let Cole take the reins on this review because honestly, Edgar Rice Burroughs is more his forte over a casual observer like myself.  But the thing is, I kept thinking back to it, and as an outsider who had but the most basic of understanding about the story I found myself genuinely enjoying it.  I still keep thinking back to how incredibly well done it was.  Not only that, but how much fun the movie was to watch.  So here (with mild spoilers) are the reasons why you should, no, NEED to see John Carter...

1. Lynn Collins as Deja Thoris: Lynn Collins steals every scene that she is in and not only because of her stunning looks.  Her performance as the princess of Helium is excellent and she is deftly able to handle the heavy swordplay sequences.  She stands out as a strong female character and a well written heroine and much less the damsel in distress.  And it certainly helps that she is VERY easy on the eyes.

2. The look of the movie is incredible.  There are flying vehicles unlike any that I have ever seen before in a movie.  There are creatures so bizarre they defy description.  You see every penny of that $250M budget that everyone seems to concerned about up on that screen.

3. WOOLA.  The Martian dog or "calot" as he is known in the books is awesome!  When Lynn Collins is not stealing every scene, then Woola is!  Woola runs fast, adds some wonderful comic relief and is part of some of my favorite moments in the movie.  When John Carter is told that he does not have "a dog in this fight," my only thought was YES he DOES!  His name is Woola and he is one hell of a dog!  I think that everyone in our little group loved that dog.  Proof that dogs from any planet are awesome.

4. Taylor Kitsch as John Carter is excellent.  He is an excellent leading man.  He was the one saving grace of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and he has only gotten better since that movie came out.  (Oddly enough, Lynn Collins was also in that movie where she played Silver Fox.)  His performance as John Carter is wonderful and he is more than able to carry this movie from beginning to end.

5. Tars Tarkas.  Willem Dafoe as the leader of the Tharks is wonderful both in performance and character. I simply love his character and the humor he brings to the proceedings.  One of my favorites in the movie.

6. The action is incredible.  There is a scene where John Carter takes on an entire army solely with the help of Woola.  Swordplay is one of those things that I love watching in a movie and this one does not disappoint.  There are some shots in the action sequences that look like they come out of a Frank Frazetta painting.  This is a very well shot movie without a doubt.

7. Legacy. This movie is based on a story that was written 100 years ago.  This movie was the inspiration for projects and characters like Star Wars, Superman, Flash Gordon, and the list goes on.  Sure it feels familiar.  That is because this story has been culled from, strip mined, borrowed from and blatantly stolen from.  This is the story where it all began.  If nothing else for its cultural and historical significance this deserves to be seen.  This movie pays respect to a story by being true to its source material.  Unlike another movie that is out there that destroys the main idea of the story and replaces it with a kid who wants to score with a girl.  I am looking right at you, LORAX!

8. It is never a stupid movie. Nothing stupid happens.  Nothing where the audience can say that a story idea or a character looked stupid.  No one makes any stupid decisions and the movie never condescends to its viewers.  This is a highly intelligent yet entertaining movie.

9. The effects work is excellent.  But then it was done by the masters at Pixar who started as a branch of Industrial Light and Magic.  You no doubt have seen their work in the animated movies although they are far from the kiddie cartoon studio that they can be dismissed as.  Their early effects can best be referenced in a movie that got them noticed.      That movie was Young Sherlock Holmes.  See below...

10. Andrew Stanton is the director.  He is no slouch when it comes to making good movies.  He has made two of the highest grossing movies for Pixar with Finding Nemo and Wall-E.  Both of those movies are great.  This is his first live action movie and he handles it extremely well. He has a good cinematic eye for live action and the movie is never ever boring.  I firmly disagree with anyone who says the pacing is off because I was never once bored at all...

Bottom line is, go see John Carter.  There are two sequels planned and if positive word of mouth is what will help this movie, then I will shout it to the heavens because this was a damn fine movie.

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