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Collector Sector for January 30th - February 5th

Welcome to the Collector Sector - the only place to get ya geek fix of everything by way of comics, toy collecting, movies and how to find that hot as hell woman you thought you never had a shot at.... well, comics, toys and movies anyway, the last bit you're gonna have to do yourself.

By the grace of god (depending on who you are) or with a whole hearted Darth Vader-like NOOOOO (again, depending on who you are), Stu is Missing In Action this week, that's not to say he is emulating an awesome Chuck Norris film, he literally is missing this week due to work commitments (read: He attempted to flee the Collector Sector Nazi-style compound and was caught with one foot over the razor wire fence by Jedicole and remanded to doing a complete inventory on ALL of Andy's comics).

Anyway, this week Andy and Cole present you the Collector Sector.... with a twist. In this episode they - oh hell, go listen to it instead to find out.

Stay Geeky

Download this episode and then get the hell out and buy 2 Headed Shark Attack because Brooke Hogan is hot like her mom Ex Mrs Hulk Hogan (right click and save)

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