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Random Bit of Awsomeness: Bringing Back Some Memories

JediCole here with a bit of truly awsome stuff.  As a kid I aspired to be a filmmaker.  When my mom told me of an article she read the the ships in Star Wars were cobbled together from old model kits I started throwing together some crude starcraft of my own.  And my dad came across an old 8mm camera about this time so I was set.  With a few friends we shot some footage for a poorly conceied and even more poorly executed World War II movie about an undead soldier.  But 8mm film was not cheap and getting harder to come by in 1978 so only a reel or two existed to be screened.  Those three minutes per rell flew by in production!

By the time I was in high school I was more determined than ever to make movies.  And this time they would have actual scripts!  To that end I began to save up every penny I could to buy a Super 8 sound camera and later an editor and projector.  I was going to be set!  Again the cost of producing three minutes of film at a time then adding the further cost (and a week of waiting for the results) of having said film developed rather dashed the plans for the long-standing space epic "Star Worlds". 

Late last year I chanced to come across this incredible bit of footage on YouTube that really seemed like what I always had in mind.  It looks like some child of the 70s had enough film and a good enough camera, not to mention cooperative parents and parents' friends) to produce a short film inspired by Ridley Scott's Alien.  Then years later, with the addition of credits and sound, it would find its way on the internet.  I salute you 70's kids!  Well done!


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