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John Carter Fan Made Trailer and a Free Poster!

Hey Everybody Rick here with a fan made trailer for the upcoming John Carter movie. Here is the deal. They went ahead and used the existing footage that been hinted at in the clips and other trailers and actually made something that is WAY better than any of the trailers that have been released by the studio. They make mention of the legacy that this story has created as many elements have been used in many, many movies over the past 100 years!

Having said that, they have something really neat for those who venture out and go see the movie on IMAX at midnight. See the artwork on the right here? That is a free poster designed by the super geeky awesome poster designers at Mondo that all who attend the midnight IMAX screening will receive. Mondo posters are highly collectible and can fetch a high price if well taken care of. I think I might have to go check out the midnight screening after all.

Our very own Jedi Cole is a HUGE fan of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs and I am hoping he will weigh in on the trailer and the release of the movie once it comes out.

John Carter opens everywhere Friday March 9.


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