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Housekeeping for February 2012

Hey Everybody Rick here and you might be wondering a few things.  You might be wondering where all the articles are.  You might also be wondering why I haven't posted much recently, let alone Cole and even Andy.  You could also be wondering where the other Amazing Comicast episodes are.  I can sum it all up with one thing.  All-Con.

We are ramping up hard for All-Con 2012.  And because of this, our generally regular output is going to be a lot less than normal for the time being.  That is not to say that we are not going to be putting out articles and whatnot.  Far from it.  In fact, I know we have some pretty neat stuff cooking up for the upcoming John Carter movie, up to and including (hopefully) getting to see the movie at a midnight screening (because I WANT that poster!). 

Also, my life has been a bit busier than normal lately.  Mainly because I have been editing episodes, recording new ones, and also getting things together on my end for All-Con while trying to also maintain a family and a social life.  Not to mention work and getting some much needed home repairs done.  This past week (as of this writing) I will have recorded five different podcasts, edited three and gone to bed excruciatingly late becuase of the imposed deadlines I have set on myself to get everything out to you listeners (relatively) on time.  And here is what you can expect from USG in the next few days...

Cult Film Fanatics
Roy Buckingham brought Cult Film Fanatics to the table because of certain issues that I will not get into with his old host site Mevio.  Cult Film Fanatics is a wonderful and funny show that takes a look at movies we simply will not talk about (for the most part) on the main USG show.  This first official episode for USG involves Roy, myself, and some truly geeky awesome individuals as we discuss Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Birdemic: Shock and Terror.  Want to hear a show where I go on a full blown rant about a movie? (More than usual...) This is your show. 

Check it out won't you?  That will be up later today (2/23) once I get it compressed and audio balanced.

Oscar Specials

Last year, United States of Geekdom combined forces with Hunter of the Midnight Movie Cowboys and Jim of the Film Thugs as we discussed our predictions for the Academy Awards.  This year we do the same.  This will be up tomorrow (2/24) once I am done with editing and all that good stuff.  Also, not to be outdone, Stu and Andy went ahead and recorded an anti-Oscar special to supplement our Oscar Special.  Both are going to be a lot of fun! 

USG 39

We recorded our newest episode last night with our special guests Steve McCauley and Steve Swanson.  First time ever we have two guys named Steve on the show!  There is a reason for that and when you hear the episode you will understand why.  It is probably the most personal topic out of the 39 episodes that we have done to date.  Kudos to Catherine for coming up with this wonderful topic. 

Episode 7 will be out next week with our special returning guest Jim Hill of!  We discuss The Lion King through Mulan.  It was a blast to record and I am glad I am finally done editing it together...


I know I have been lacking in this department.  The reason is that with all the con prep, I got caught up in all that.  Having said that, being that there are 60 episodes to Amazing Comicast pre recorded and in the can, that gives me opportunity to spread them out a little more throughout the year.  Expect the next set of episodes sometime next week, or spread out through next week. 

Needless to say, there will be no shortage of content for the time being.


In the latest Collector Sector, we issued a challenge to listener Zack Parks, who made us an intro promo for the show a couple of months back.  Our challenge to him was to make a Dubstep version of the Collector Sector.  I said it half jokingly.  The other night, I get a message from him over Skype telling me that "it" was done.  I asked what and he told me he met our challenge and proceeded to send me the file.  You will hear the dubstep version of the Collector Sector in the next episode.  Well done Zack!  


As I said, things are ramping up quite nicely.  In fact, I am so ready for this convention that literally all I need to do now is get packed up and get to the convention. Alas, it will not be for a couple more weeks.  Cole is working on getting the massive list of things that he still needs to get done and Andy will be flying down a couple of days before the convention.  It is all falling into place and this will be one hell of a great time!  

I think that is it for now.  Thanks for reading and stay geeky!   

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