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Corners of the Night.

I promised more posts on the blog here and I have found time to post for you about something else I'm involved in.

I joined a group on Facebook to be involved with a page called the Corners of the Night. At first I was just involved to post and share awesome artwork, but soon met some awesome friends in the process.

One night I came up with the idea to spotlight an Iconic Horror Movie Monster Villain or Hero. This quickly transformed into something the group wanted to see done.

Two very awesome members came up with a Tagline and Title for this spotlight and I loved it!

Do You Know Your Movie Monsters? Their History? Who Played Them? Find Out At "The VAULT OF HORROR"

Which then led to the creation of this piece of awesomeness:

This page is rapidly expanding with awesome little spotlights by the Admins and the like. If you like Vampires, Werewolves, Pirates, Witches and the Dark of the Night, well then Corners of the Night welcomes you.'

Captain Meyers would also like you to join him as he hunts the seas for fabled Gold and Treasures!

Or perhaps you want to learn the Dark Arts, well MarZ has a cure for that witch ails you.

Or is your Future you seek? Madame Midnight will tell you your fate!

Do you hear the whispers? They grow louder! Its The Storyteller with Tales of the Night!

Come and see us if you wish, deny us if you dare!


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