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Collector Sector for February 6th - February 12th

It's payday, you have a whole bunch of money burning your pocket and you're feeling all Eliot Spitzer but don't wanna go down that path, then let the good folks at the Collector Sector help you spend your money on things that WON'T get you in trouble. In a rare occurrence, Andy is missing this week, so his incomparable shoes are filled by one Big Daddy Gut (AKA Rick).

Listen in, as we fill all your holes with essential geeky needs, comics, toys, movies and of course don't forget to scurry on down and try out some of this weeks sponsor's delicious delicacies, that will fill your empty winter bellies and leave you barking for more.

Stay Geeky (woof woof)

Listen to this episode and get down witcha fanboy funk y'all

Download this episode and then cover yourself in some Loki Mischief Cologne, it really will get you seriously... it will (right click and save)

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