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Collector Sector for February 20th - February 26th

Putt Putt PcGawwwww. Ever get the feeling sometimes you're in a chicken coupe? Well then spare a thought for our wonderful sponsors for this week. Anyway, Andy is back for this week HOWEVER Cole is missing this time around, so Big Daddy Gut is back again. Anyway, you know the drill, got some spare cash, let us help make you a broke geek by Friday night (only to be asked by a hot woman 10 minutes later wanting you to take her out on Saturday night) on the shit you know you're gonna buy, instead of wining and dining that hot looking Heather Graham lookalike (NB: Send her my way then will ya - Stu) join the Collector Sector crew as we clue you in on all the stuff you're gonna buy... face it fanboy, you're gonna buy it, so listen on.

Y'all remember now, listen to ALL the episode... you will be amused by shows end, of that we are sure.

Stay Geeky

Listen to this episode and then go buy a shit load of eggs and chicken and keep our sponsors happy or we'll crack and scramble you

Download this episode and then go and read the graphic novel WATCHMEN because it is the greatest book ever... nothing to do with chickens or that hot Heather Graham lookalike your broke arse lost out on because money was apparently burning your pocket, but who gives a fu*k, do it anyway (right click and save)

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