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Random Bit of Awesomeness - USG Trailer Park 2012: The Amazing Spider-Man

Love it or hate it, Spider-Man is being reimagined by Columbia Pictures.  In this new outing for ol' Web-Head we start over from scratch, apparantly mix in a little intrigue, and get a new styilzed look for Spidey's costume.  And again find the suspension of disbelief that comes with accepting that a teenager can scale walls and swing from building to building on a webline is far easier a feat than the Herculean leap of logic required to imagine for a moment that some kid could hand-sew a costume of that complexity on an almost non-existant budget.

Fans of first-person type video games will undoubtedly thrill to the point-of-view approach to the Web-Slinger's travels through the Big Apple as depicted in this trailer.  For me it just smacks of poor filmmaking that panders to a fringe portion of the audience.  So it goes.

Rick here: I actually think the first person thing is kind of cool and I am not a fan of those kind of games. Having said that, this looks like a good reboot and I am more curious than anything to see what they will do with a good actor, and a good director for that matter. The early buzz from Comicon was pretty positive based on what I heard...

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