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Random Bit of Awesomeness: Three Legends, One Legendary Song, One Legendary Performance

Hey Everybody Rick here.  If you have listened to the episode about that magic moment  that we knew we were hooked, you will know that one of my passions is classic rock.  But it goes even further than that because I am a fan of the parody, especially if it is by Weird Al.  I bring up the classic rock because two of the legends that I admire the most are Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, and Alice Cooper.  I bring up Weird Al because he was one of the artists I grew up listening to since I was a kid. 

To see not only these three guys who I admire a lot performing a song that was already made legendary by the Beatles, but also see Weird Al singing a song that is not a parody...well, mind blown completely away.  Just awesome.  Seriously, I dare you to find something more awesome than this.  If you do, forward it to me at or and not only will I post it to the site, but you will get the credit of finding it.  Enjoy this truly awesomely epic video. 

I am convinced there is a black hole of awesome that now exists where this bar once sat because the place imploded due to too much awesomeness in a single place. 


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