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Jaws The Ride: Farewell and Adieu

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Hey everybody Rick here and it is with heavy heart that I bring you this article.  Today, 1-2-2012 marked the final day that Jaws the ride was in operation at Universal Studios Florida.  About an hour ago, the ride took its final voyage and mean old shark chewed through its last bit of electrical wiring.  I wanted to properly eulogize this attraction and I could only think of one appropriate way of doing so.  By showing some of the videos that people have taken over the years.  I would have had my own as well but I was told no video cameras on the ride.  This first video was taken by my friend and fellow Jaws aficionado Chris Lord on 12/4/2011.

I love the skippers reaction in the boat house after the shark attack. Thanks Chris for a great video!
Next up, here is the musical version of the ride. It is pretty creative.

And finally, here is probably my favorite video of the Jaws ride.

For those who have experienced this ride in person and loved it, for the brave skippers who, day in and day out ventured out into Amity Harbor and fought off the shark, this small tribute is for you. Thank you Jaws the Ride. I am glad I got to experience this ride with my kid before it closed.

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