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Amazing Comicast Revisited Episode 0

Artwork by Earth to Bella Designs, 2008
Hey Everybody Rick here with a special announcement.  I was thinking back to the old show, Amazing Comicast and how much fun it was.  I found out recently that the old host site for the audio podcasts is no longer in existence.  I was lucky enough to still have all the original episodes archived in my virtual vault.  (See!  Virtual Hoarding HAS its benefits!)  So I am going to drop a new Comicast episode, one per week.

Keep in mind that many of these episodes were very much on a learning curve for me.  The audio is super rough in some episodes, but pretty decent in others.  Many of the early episodes are very short because unlike other podcasters, I need someone to bounce off of or it is a REALLY short show.

You start to hear me beg for a co-host by a certain point.  I eventually get one, in the form of my friend Matt Goldfarb.  Matt ended up leaving to go back to California for a time and then Cole and Catherine jumped in on the show.  Following that, I discovered Facebook, I became friends with Steve and Ashley Swanson of the Muppetcast, and in doing so, discovered Andrew Farmer and well, you know them as part of the Core Four of United States of Geekdom.

Enjoy the episodes.  They represent a period of my life where I was not sure if this whole podcasting solo thing would exactly work for me.  But here I am almost five years later, running a well received show and almost 50 episodes in on that show.  This particular podcast run also represents a period in my life where I had just turned 30, and a few months later, I found out I was going to be a father, and even still, so much more happened during the run of this show. Anyway, here is Episode 0.

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