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Rick is Back in Town and Has a Contest For You!

Hey Everybody, Rick here with a contest.  I am back from my vacation to Florida with my family and I am quite eager to share the experience with you.  Especially having survived the ugliness at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter when that riot broke out. Sheesh!  Having said that, here is a little contest.  Every day last week, I posted an article per day with some Disney or Marvel awesomeness.  Now, here is the contest. 

Based on the hints I have dropped in each article, tell me what park I was at on what day.  You have until Christmas Day.  I will announce the winner on the 26th.  The answer does not necessarily have to be the Disney parks.  Especially because one of the rides is not even in a Disney Park!

Be specific as to the park that the attraction is located. Also, I was not specific as to what park I was in on Friday and Saturday (Especially Saturday because NO hint was dropped at all!) so the guess is yours to have.  The winner will get something Disney related that I picked up specifically for this contest!  Send all submissions to or  Best of luck!

Awesome! I'm gonna play as soon as I get my chores done!

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