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Random Bit of Awesomeness - Holiday Edition Part 1: A Long Time Ago...on My TV

JediCole here.  With Christmas fast approaching there are two things on my mind.  Who do I still need to buy gifts for (other than myself, like I need more stuff) and of course the Star Wars Holiday Special. 

Way back on a November evening in 1978 I was transfixed by something of a television miracle.  A Star Wars television special!  What an amazing thing this was.  Take that Rudolph and Frosty.  The Star Wars gang were muscling in on Chirstmas and poised to take over the annual family television rituals of the holiday season nationwide.

That is until George Lucas woke from his success-induced stupor and realized how awful this was and came close to denying its very existance!  But sad for George and happy for us all it was real and love it or hate it (or indifferent it, if that is a phrase) her is Part 1 of the Star Wars Holiday Special for you to enjoy.  Or hate on as you see fit.  Happy Life Day everybody!


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