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Housekeeping, the Contest winner, ANOTHER CONTEST and a farewell to 2011...

Hey Everybody Rick here with a final bit of housekeeping for 2011.  This has been a pretty great year for the United States of Geekdom, beginning with the truly incredible screening of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog at All-Con 2011 and ending with our 34th episode and our Muppets event.  I will be the first to admit, we made some mistakes this year.  Not exactly fatal mistakes, but some that we definitely learned from and will not be repeating again.

That said, the amount of USG events will be significantly less in 2012 than this year.  Especially when one event gets us our highest attendance ever and then the following ones only give us a very limited amount of people who show up.  Otherwise, that is the biggest change I can foresee happening in 2012.

However, look for the debut of HAT 2 because we will be hitting the end of our initial hat within the first half of the year.  Big plan are in store for Episodes 37, 42, and 50.   Just what exactly?  You will see!

We have a winner for the Disney contest!  Lee Cochenour guessed where I was and when correctly for the most part.  There was one minor mistake. Being that he was the only one who participated he wins a Disney grab bag!  What exactly is in it I have no idea but it should be pretty cool.  Here were the answers for the contest...

Day 1: Epcot
Day 2: Magic Kingdom
Day 3: Universal's Islands of Adventure
Day 4: Disney's Hollywood Studios
Day 5: Animal Kingdom
Day 6: Magic Kingdom and Epcot (either one was acceptable)
Day 7: Hollywood Studios

Congrats Lee for winning yet another USG contest!  You too can win a contest!  All you have to do is participate!  Otherwise, Lee will continue to win all the good stuff and there is plenty more prizes to come in 2012!

Matter of fact, here is another contest...

Can you guess what we are talking about in episodes 37 and 42?  We dropped a pretty big hint at what we are talking about in episode 37 in an earlier episode and if you are any kind of geek you will know what will be talked about in episode 42.  You have until January 5th to get your answers in to us at or so get your answers in!

As we come to a close to this year and also to this article for that matter, I want to take the opportunity to thank my co-hosts Cole, Catherine, and Andrew for their hard work and dedication to the show.  Our Collector Sector correspondent Stuart Baulk for covering for me in my much needed absence from that particular show. Mr Aubrey West for his incredible wealth of knowledge of all things Doctor Who, and Stacy from Creepy Kitch for her contributions to the Evil Dead episode.  Many thanks to the writers for the site, Dustin, Tyler, Tutt, Jade, Frank, Jedi Master Excalibur and Kris for their contributions.

Also, many thanks go out to Jim, Hunter, Roy and anyone else who we have had on the show to weigh in on stuff with us.  Also, our friends of the show Annie and Matt of Can't Stop the Serenity, Dean, Stephanie, and the entire Zombie Nation cast and crew of Zombie Manor, and Sheela, Alexandra, and Larry of the British Emporium for their time and graciousness for allowing us to interview them.  And super extra special thanks to the Time Science Blood Club for allowing us to screen Dr. Horrible at All-Con 2011 and 2012! 

I would be remiss if I were to not mention our Geek Chicks Krystle, Shanae, Loran, Kerrie, Jade and Jacque.  And finally, our listeners, and fans of the show, there are too many to name off here but I can definitely single out Julian Baulk, Matt Goldfarb, Lee Cochenour and Zack Parks for their continued support and all around awesomeness.  Thank you all so very much for making USG a success.

I think that is about it.  If I missed thanking you, it was nothing personal, I assure you.  We have been blessed this year with the sheer amount of people who we have interacted with and I know I missed someone in there that should have gotten mentioned.  Anyway, thank you for reading, best of luck in the contest and look for us to bring the geeky in 2012!  Stay geeky!

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