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Disney Awesomeness Week Day 6: "Hooter Hit the Button!"

We all have them.  Those things that we shoudl be ashamed to love but still love them regardless of what others think.  They are called guilty pleasures.  Hell, even the Midnight Movie Cowboys did a whole episode about guilty pleasuresSo did the Hollywood Saloon for that matter.  Even still, there is one guilty pleasure that I don't bring up because those not in the know cannot possibly begin to appreciate the awesomeness that is this particular guilty pleasure.

Until now...

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you my big Disney guilty pleasure, CAPTAIN EO!  Produced by George Lucas, starring Michael Jackson, and directed by Francis Ford Coppola!  This bit of Disney awesomeness defies description.  In fact, I defy you to describe it!  It is awesome.  The production value is incredible; and yes, I will not dispute that it is cheesy as all get out.  Jackson brings it in this short film.  Especially once the music kicks in and the the people with 80s hairstyles start dancing.  It is now very unintentionally funny and just a ton of fun.  Enjoy!  I know I will!
Here is Part 1 (Pretty well done space battle)

Here is Part 2 (Really badass dancing and 80s hairstyles!)

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