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Disney Awesomeness Week Day 1: "Soon you'll be airborne."

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 Okay, so for this first day, I am sharing with you what is easily my favorite Disney attraction anywhere.  This particular attraction is featured in both California Adventure and Epcot.  Having said that, the ride involves an incredible musical score by the late, great, Jerry Goldsmith who composed music for such films as Air Force One, Gremlins, five of the Star Trek films, and several other movies. 

That said, Soarin' (both the California Adventure and Epcot) features vistas of some of the most famous landmarks of California and the whole conceit of the ride is that you are suspended over this massive screen that curves right under you.    Even still, this particular attraction is nothing short of incredible, and so I present it here. 

Here is the video of the Full experience.  Including the line!  This is the California version so part of the line features what is essentially a history of aviation.  Fascinating stuff.  (Don't worry, it goes relatively quick and you can skip ahead if you really need to.) Enjoy!

And here is the isolated music score!

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