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Breaking News - The Premiere of United States of Geekdom News (USGN)

The USG News presents a special report that is an important follow-up to Rick's recent Pottermania article.  This is a must listen for everyone, especially those who want to follow in the footsteps of our fearless leader and pay a visit to some of Florida's geekier attractions.

This is the first live report from United States of Geekdom News, but certainly not the last.  As news of importance to our fellow geeks comes to our attention, it will be reported on with the same level of geeky journalistic integrity as this story.  Given the earth-shattering nature of what you are about to hear, we felt it was vitally important to launch the new USGN immediately.

Stay well and above all stay geeky!

Hogwarts no more?  All that remains after recent disasters.

Download the carnage and destruction contained within this report. (right click and save)

A special thank you to Stuart Baulk of the Midnight Movie Cowboys for his technical assistance in getting this amazing news up on the site for our listeners. This was too important a story to wait for a later posting time!

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