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Evil Dead 2 Commentary with Stu and Rick!

Hey Everybody Rick here and I hope you enjoyed Episode 32 Part 1.  Here we have something truly special. The first ever USG commentary.  This will not be the last I assure you.

That said, when one Stuart Baulk was visiting Texas from Australia, he had the crazy idea of having us do a commentary for a movie. The movie was originally going to be Troll 2 as Stu had never seen it but because the internet was not working properly, and I only had Troll 2 on instant, we had to go with another choice.  The track that was laid down instead was a full length feature commentary of the film Evil Dead 2.

We now present it to you so you can hear us blab on about one of our favorite horror movies while you watch it. We watched the flick on the Blu Ray in the event you have any trouble syncing it up with a different format.  Thanks for listening! Stay geeky!

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