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3 Days of Evil Dead! Why? Because We Like Ya!

Hey Everybody Rick here with a special announcement.  This week, we are kicking off Evil Dead week.  Tomorrow bring us Episode 32 of USG where Cole, our Horror Geek Chick Shanae Grounds, and I talk with Hunter of the Midnight Movie Cowboys and Stacy of Creepy Kitch about the Evil Dead series.  That one comes out tomorrow (11/14/2011).

Wednesday (11/16/2011) brings us the Evil Dead 2 commentary where Stuart Baulk of the Midnight Movie Cowboys and I sat down and recorded a track for Evil Dead 2 back in May when Stuart was visiting Texas.

And Friday (11/17/2011) brings another full episode of United States of Geekdom.  Part 2 of our Evil Dead discussion where Cole, Andy and I are joined by Jim Dirkes of the Film Thugs Movie Show as talk even more about the series and more about the works of Bruce Campbell.

Be warned that these episodes are a little more foul mouthed than usual and are probably not appropriate for younger audiences because these movies are R rated and definitely not appropriate for kids.  Especially when the subject of tree rape comes up in the episodes.  Even still, we hope you enjoy these three episodes and stay tuned for our next episode due out November 30th where we jump into our TARDIS and discuss all things Doctor Who!

Thanks for your continued support of the United States of Geekdom.  These three episodes are a thank you to you listeners for listening to the show, your comments and all that you do for us.  Thank you and we hope you enjoy them!

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