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What is NITRATE and why should you listen?

Hey Everybody Rick here giving some podcast love to some friends of the show.  In 2005, two film geeks (And no, don't argue with me Siems, I recognize my kind when I see or hear them!) named Andy Siems and John Jansen jumped into podcasting and essentially paved the road for other podcasters including myself, The Film Thugs, The Midnight Movie Cowboys and several others.  That show is THE HOLLYWOOD SALOON and they have been really good to us here at the USG.  In fact, Mr. Siems was the original inspiration for USG when Amazing Comicast was clearly beginning to be more than just a comic book podcast. 
The main podcast is free. There are some incredibly awesome shows in there. A particular favorite of mine is the 007 series where Andy and John go through all 21 Bond films in excruciating detail. Also, anytime they talk Star Wars, it is incredibly entertaining.  But that is not all.  Both guys are film students and wave that particular flag proudly with Jansen's vast knowledge of film theory and history. Their other shows, Saloon Shots are incredibly entertaining and are more topical to what is going on in the industry rather than talking film theory and whatnot. 

Having said that, Siems and Jansen released something truly unique in terms of podcasting. 

NITRATE is their series where they discuss the films released over the last 50 years.  Going year by year, they essentially pick out their highlights of each year and talk about their top films for each year.  Yes, there is a wonderful personal spin on things from the Saloon guys as they talk about why the top movies are the top movies for themselves.  This personal spin on things was very well received by me and that it gives the listener the state of mind that they were in when they saw the movie.  They also take the time to talk about the inherent film grammar in the movies.  The analogy of the Alien series to having cancer is absolutely brilliant I must say.  They cover the decade of 1990 to 1999 an episode per year, which is a metric crap ton of movie to go through but they do it, with loads of style.

So how can you get to listen to this series?

Here's the deal.  NITRATE is a paid pack.  A donation is required to listen to all 21 hours of the show.  $16 for 21 hours of show is a pretty great deal to be honest with you.  I am halfway through the series myself and I have not been more enthralled by movie discussion in a very long time.  Why a donation? Well, a show of the caliber of the Holywood Saloon is very expensive to maintain and a small donation to them means that there is more Saloon to enjoy.  This is really a great show and without the Hollywood Saloon, there would never have been a Film Thugs, Midnight Movie Cowboys, United States of Geekdom, and hell, even Amazing Comicast come to think of it.   So be kind, spread the pod love and drop some cash over the way of our podfathers, The Hollywood Saloon and listen to what is probably one of their best series that they have ever done.  Thanks!  Stay Geeky! 

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