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Star Trek Online Changes

When a video game is good and people are playing it, you know you have a good deal going for you. For a game like Star Trek Online, you know your not only going to have Old and New fans, but your gonna have the hardcore fans to contend with.

Star Trek Online debuted and was VERY successful. Fans flocked to the game to FINALLY fulfill their dreams of being a Starship Captain with the Federation.

I have a friend, Alex Ray, whom did that awesome Tutorial for the Lightsaber Blades I wrote about.

He has informed me of something troubling taking place over at STO. This letter was already sent to MMORPG and Massively but I'm posting it here to bring about some awareness.

In preperation for F2P, Cryptic is changing the in game economy of STO and combining almost all of the various currencies into one: dillithium.

The unfortunate part is, they are doing it in a way to try to force people to spend real money... not for special game store items like in the past...but for normal in game character items like ships and gear. Its a little complicated, but here is how:

1) One feature of the new economy is that players will be able to trade other players game store points(which must be purchased for real money) for dillithium(the new in game currency).

2) There are 2 types of dillithium: ore and refined. You will get dillithium ore as rewards for completing missions, but you will have to refine it before you can spend it or trade it to other players for game store points.

3) There is going to be a cap on how much dillithium you can refine each day.

4) Previously when players ranked up in STO they got a "free token" to get a new ship. They did not have to spend any currency at all. Now, however, instead of getting a "free token" you will get a chunk of dillithium and will actually have to purchase your new ship.

5) The chunk of dillithium you get for ranking up is not enough to purchase a new ship. This means you will have to earn more dillithium before you can get your new ship. But you also cant refine more than your daily amount, meaning you either have to:

A) wait X amount of days to refine enough dillithium to get your new ship


B) spend real money for C-points and then trade those C-points to someone else for refined dillithium.

As you can hopefully see, this new system is designed to make people have to wait extra long to get things they normally didnt have to, or spend real money to get them faster.

Of course, it goes without saying that the F2P model is going to have more things for sale than before, but this is not the game store we are talking about here, it is core mechanics of the game that are being changed to try to get people to spend money to advance normally.

Please see the following thread for more details:

This kind of move makes no sense and will force gamers away rather than to participate. Was Greed a factor is such a competitive gaming market? Surely they don't need you to pay just to naturally progress trough the game?

Lke my friend said: "An example of what they're doing is this. Imagine you payed 60 bucks for KotOR when it first came out, you made your character and played through the Endar Spire and got to Taris, but just as soon as you got to the end of the first cutscene on taris you get a pop up demanding you pay 15 bucks to play Taris and the Under City, and that this continues every time you reach a new planet.

Cryptic is now demanding that we pay real money just to do normal progression through the game. On top of paying a 15 month sub."

I know for me I loved KoTOR, it ate up a ton of my life and I've replayed it 3 times. If the above scenario had taken place, I'd have been out for blood.

How can you take loyal gaming fans, and screw hem over so in-eloquently? They already paid the $15 subscription but now you want them to pay for the right to continue on with normal gaming levels?

Alex also mentioned: "90% of the C-store has gotten a 33% or so price increase. With only one item getting a price reduction and a handful not changing."

Sounds like Thievery to me.

Credit goes to Jayngo_Fhett for the breakdown.


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