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31 Days of Horror Day 9: "Grant looks like a squid, don’t know where he's gonna hide... Seaworld maybe."

Title of Movie: Slither

Actors: Elizabeth Banks, Nathan Fillion, Michael Rooker, Gregg Henry, Tania Saulnier, Jenna Fischer, Brenda James, Don Thompson, Patrick McAreavy

Quotable Line: There are a lot. Too many too list here but damn the dialogue is funny.

Director: James Gunn

Released: 2006

The Skinny: Near the deer hunting season in the small town of Wheelsy, a meteor falls on the woods with an egg of alien worm. Along the night, the local Starla Grant refuses to have sex with her husband Grant Grant and the upset man goes to a bar to have some drinks. He meets his acquaintance Brenda Gutierrez, the younger sister of his former girlfriend, who has a crush on him, and they go to the woods, but Grant does not have sex with her. He sees the weird egg on the grass, and when he touches it, the egg releases a dart with an alien parasite that dominates Grant's brain. Along the next days, Grant has an insatiable hunger for meat, and while his hostage body is transforming, he builds a nest in his cellar for some odd reason.

The Good: I absolutely love Slither. It's funny and gross and scary and all this at the same time. Slither consistently hits all the right notes line for line, scene for scene and it does not disappoint.  The writing is superb and there are some genuinely surprising moments (both of the funny and scary varieties). Nathan Fillion is incredibly funny as the lead. He gets a lot of the best lines and he delivers them with his trademark dry humor that it just makes the movie all the funnier. Jenna Fischer is in a tiny role and I wish she had been in the movie a little more. Elizabeth Banks is wonderful in the female lead role. But the standout is Michael Rooker who had to endure hours of makeup to look like the end result of the movie. His performance is creepy through and through. The make up effects are excellent. This movie is all high notes, not a moment that I could consider a low point at all. Highest possible recommendation. An excellent and brilliantly funny horror movie that is a love letter to the creature features of the 50's and 80's horror.

The Bad: None. I could nitpick but it's just not worth it. This movie is great. The only disappointing thing is that it didn't find the audience it needed when it came out in theaters and I wasn't able to see it in time before it got pulled.

The Ugly: "The little f**kers are tearing me apart!"

My final verdict: 5 mind controlling zombie worms ouf of 5.


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