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31 Days of Horror Day 5: "The Trees! They're Alive!"

Title of Movie: The Evil Dead

Actors: Bruce Campbell

Quotable Line: "It's useless! Useless! In time it will come for him and then it will come for you!" 

Director: Sam Raimi

Released: 1981

What's it about?: Five college students go out to an abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods and unwittingly release an evil presence that could spell doom for them and the entire world. 

What I liked:  Okay, so why is so much love heaped on to this movie?  I can tell you exactly why.  Sam Raimi has crafted a truly fun, visceral and frightening experience of a film.  The cast is clearly having a blast making the movie and it absolutely shows.  I was not expecting this movie to be so funny. Evil Dead 2 is the funnier of the two movies that take place in the cabin but this one has moments of humor that I was not expecting, especially since I had heard that this one was the more serious of the two. 

Sam Raimi shows that he is a competent director with this early directorial effort and some of the shots used you can see used again in his later movies. With good reason. The shots work and really add to the building terror of the movie. The chainsaw is used here but not to the effect that was in Evil Dead 2. That was quite welcome for me actually. The gore in this movie is wonderful and quite gross. There was a reason why this movie was banned in Germany and it was because of the gore used. The acting is decent for a movie of this type and Bruce Campbell takes his first steps into becoming a horror icon. 

What I didn't like: One thing bothering me, one of the girls gets stabbed with a pencil and she almost instantly becomes a deadite, yet Ash gets just torn up from top to bottom and survives this whole ordeal? Huh? 

The Ugly: That tree rape scene. Yikes.

Final Rating:  4 severed heads that urge you to join them out of 5.


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