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31 Days of Horror Day 25: "I Looked Behind the Cyclops Eye...I DID!"

Title of Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Actors: Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Catherine O'Hara, William Hickey, Glenn Shadix, Ken Page, Paul Ruebens

Quotable Line: "Life's no fun without a good scare!"

Director: Henry Selick

Released: 1993

The Skinny: Jack Skellington, the King of Halloween comes across a magical land where Christmas is celebrated 24/7 and decides that he and the denizens of Halloweentown can to Christmas just as good if not better than Santa Claus himself! 

The Good: I cannot say enough how much I love this movie.  The animation, the songs, the humor, the scary moments, everything works so well with this movie.  The animation is stop motion which means that it took a long time for the filmmakers to bring this wonderful and beautiful vision to life.  The characters are wonderful as well.  Jack Skellington is brought to life with the speaking voice of Chris Sarandon and the singing voice of Danny Elfman.  Both are integral to giving Jack his soul.

The animation is nothing short of incredible.  You can tell the influences of the classic Rankin and Bass Christmas specials throughout the movie.  The songs are wonderful and don't overpower the movie.  They are incredibly memorable as well.  The villain Oogie Boogie has one particular number that is both a marvel of animation and a pretty spooky fun song as well.  And the final confrontation between hero and villain is insane.  Especially when you realize that you are watching this done in stop motion!

Nightmare Before Christmas is great for watching not only for Halloween but also for Christmas.  It really is one of those perfect movies that you can watch for either holiday.  It's essential viewing in my house for both holidays! 

The Bad:  Is there that can be said negative about Nightmare Before Christmas?  Probably the fact that everyone credits Tim Burton as director of this movie and not the real director Henry Selick.  Burton did create the characters, yes but Selick was the director.

The Ugly: “MY BUGS!  MY BUGS!  MY BUGS!"

My final verdict: 5 Evil Christmas Presents out of 5.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I picked this particular movie for this date because this is my wife Molly's favorite movie and today just happens to be our anniversary.  Happy anniversary!  I love you!


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