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31 Days of Horror Day 2: "They're coming to get you Barbara! They're coming for you!"

Title of Movie: Night of the Living Dead

Actors: Judith O'Dea, Russell Streiner, Duane Jones, Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman, Kyra Schon, Keith Wayne, and Judith Riley

Quotable Line: "They're coming to get you Barbara! They're coming for you!"

Director: George A. Romero

Released: 1968

What's it about?: A satellite on its way back from Venus crash lands on earth and the resulting radiation from the satellite brings the dead back to life.

What I liked: There is a certain sense of dread that one finds in zombie movies, Romero's specifically. This movie in particular is shot in a way that the director only lets you see exactly what he wants you to see. There are so many moments that I can name as favorites in this movie. The fight outside the cabin with the zombies is absolutely terrifying. The fact that no one is safe in the movie.

This is one of the darkest, most foreboding movies that I have ever seen but damn it's good. Duane Jones brings an intensity to his role as the ill fated hero of the piece. His performance out of the others is a stand out. I did notice however, that the zombies in this one are quite intelligent. Quite the opposite that is shown in the later Romero zombie movies until Land of the Dead.

That said, these zombies know how to throw rocks, they react when they are shot in the head. They move with a feral intelligence that one does not expect from a shambling corpse. This movie is in public domain so that means that there have a lot of remakes including a good one by Tom Savini in 1990, and the awful reedit of the movie in 1999. There was even one in 2006 that was in 3D. Go figure.

What I didn't like: Nothing. I loved this movie from beginning to end.

Final verdict: This is a classic both in American Cinema as well as horror. If you have never seen Night of the Living Dead then get a hold of it somehow and see it. It is totally worth your time.

Rating: 5 severed hands out of 5.


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