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31 Days of Horror Day 17: "You keep the coffee coming honey, or I'll give you a tip you won't forget!"

Title of Movie: Drag Me to Hell

Actors:Alison Lohman, Justin Long, Lorna Raver, Dileep Rao, Adriana Barraza, David Paymer, Reggie Lee

Quotable Line: "I desire the SOUL of Christine Brown. We will FEAST upon it while she festers in the grave!" 

Director: Sam Raimi

Released: 2009

The Skinny: A loan officer ordered to evict an old woman from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse, which turns her life into a living hell. Desperate, she turns to a seer to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her to a breaking point.

The Good: Sam Raimi makes a welcome return to horror with this movie, and wow, what a movie! Drag Me to hell is both funny and scary and at the same time really screwed up. You see the depths of depravity that one will do in order to save their soul and honestly, with what the lead character goes through, you can understand why this sweet, charming girl will sink to those levels. The Lamia demon is scary and gives a menacing presence throughout the proceedings. The poor lead character is forced to do things that are unspeakable but at the same time they are out of desperation.

The desperation feels futile and it is. The reason being that no matter what she tries to do, the Lamia will not leave her alone. You see exactly what the Lamia will do after the three days right from the start of the movie. It is this audacity that makes Raimi a force to be reckoned with when he is doing a horror movie. The fight with the old gypsy woman is both terrifying and hilarious.

Alison Lohman really makes the movie believeable and you really feel for her and what she is going through. Had it been someone else, the movie would have not been as effective. Had it been Bruce Campbell in the lead role, the movie could easily have been seen as a comedy. Lohman brings it to a point that it is definitely not funny what she is going through. The other stand out performance, was Lorna Raver as the old Gypsy woman Mrs. Ganush. She is freaky and psycho crazy evil and really ramps up the freaky factor in the movie in ways that I was not expecting. Especially that scene in the parking lot. Wow. Highly recommended.

The Bad: I would have liked to have seen a little more of the Lamia demon because the make up on that creature was phenomenal. Otherwise, I am just nitpicking.

The Ugly: Mrs. Ganush when she gets pissed off. 


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