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31 Days of Horror Day 16: " What do I look in the index for, 'big scary mansion?'"

Title of Movie: The Monster Squad

Actors: Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Brent Chalem, Ryan Lambert, Michael Faustino, Stephen Macht, Leonardo Cimino, Duncan Regehr, Tom Noonan, Ashley Bank, Lisa Fuller, Jack Gwillim

Quotable Line: "Wolfman's got nards!" and many more wonderful quotes from this movie.

Director: Fred Dekker


The Skinny: Young kids form a club that is devoted to monsters, but soon get more than they bargained for when Count Dracula adjourns to Earth, accompanied by Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and the Gillman. The uglies are in search of a powerful amulet that will grant them power to rule the world. Our heroes - the Monster Squad are the only ones daring to stand in their way.

The Good: Oh man, where do I start? I can best describe Monster Squad as the Goonies meet the classic monsters. They are all here. Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, the creature from the Black Lagoon, The Wolfman, The Mummy. All that's missing is the Invisible Man, Mr. Hyde, and the Bride of Frankenstein. The kids are all wonderful, and they all serve their purpose by the end of the movie. The humor is excellent. Shane Black (Lethal Weapon) wrote an incredibly funny screenplay and it shows with the incredibly clever dialogue throughout. The monsters are handled masterfully by Stan Winston studios. This is one of those movies that is scary but not too scary. This is the gateway movie for kids to get into horror. I will definitely be showing this one to my son when he is old enough because Monster Squad is a tremendous amount on fun. Highest possible recommendation.

The Bad: Okay, so Dracula is this ancient vampire, right? Yet he has the capability to get a fancy car? Really? Okay. Sure. It doesn't matter what I say that is bad about the movie, it's all nitpicking. However, "Give me the amulet, you BITCH!" was a line said by Dracula to a little girl. That I did find somewhat unnecessary. Also the humor can get somewhat cheesy but it's all in good fun.

The Ugly: Wolfman blows up and then reforms himself. WHAT?!?

My final verdict: 5 nard kicks to the wolf man out of 5. 


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