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Zombies, Daleks, and Alien Abductions! OH MY!

hey Everybody Rick here with a small confession.  This was originally supposed to be a recorded audio special edition but technical difficulties have prevented me from bring that to you BUT the three things that I am going to talk about are too awesome to not talk about (if that made any sense to you, you are a better person than I) so I am going to give you the printed version.

First up is ZOMBIE MANOR.  The Caretaker and the army of the undead are back again this year with their first class haunt and they have brought in some new effects, new characters, new actors, and a new themed entryway that defies description as to just how incredibly awesome it is.  This is one truly killer haunt and completely worth your time!  It is SO worth it in fact that I have been through it once this year and I cannot wait to go back, bring friends with me, and get the bejeezus scared out of me despite knowing the haunt pretty well!    One of the new effects is so scary in fact, that even the actors won't go near it!  The haunt is a very welcome breath of fresh air in that they don't rely on chainsaws to make the scares.  In fact, the complete lack of chainsaw and the abundance of zombies makes for an intimately visceral experience the likes of which is a rare thing in the DFW haunts.  That is not to say that the other haunts are bad, far from it.  It's just that the Manor is so uniquely awesome that you are hard pressed to find anything like it anywhere else.  ZOMBIE MANOR is located off of Hwy 287 and Turner-Warnell Road in Arlington Tx so drag your corpse over there and experience one of the best haunted attractions in the DFW area!  for more information you can visit the site here at this link here!  

Next up is Doctor Who Day at the British Emporium in Grapevine Texas!  Doctor Who?  In Texas?!?  Yes.  Apparently, the following for the time and space travelling Doctor is even bigger here in the states than it is in Britain according to Sheela Kadam of the British Emporium.  The first event was held 4 years ago to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Doctor Who.  They showed some episodes, and even had a Dalek show up in addition to the Doctor's beloved sidekick K-9!  The events for this year include Dalek races, a trivia contest, and a costume contest.  Also complimentary Time Lord tea and flying saucers will be served. (Not real flying saucers!  It's a British candy!)  You can expect to see me there in addition to some other familiar USG faces!  The event is on Sunday October 2nd from noon to 4 p.m.  More information from the British Emporium website here!  

Finally, starting on October 7th, the Hip Pocket theater presents its final show of its 35th season.  This one is called "Paradoxical Abduction on Silver Creek - Top Secret - Eyes Only" and features a great cast of actors who are working their butts off to bring you this truly eerie, spooky, and creepy show to life as imagined by legendary Fort Worth director Johnny Simons.  This is going to be a fantastic show and just in time for October, this will be a great way to close out the season for the Hip Pocket Theater.  The show runs October 7th through the 30th at 8 p.m.  For more information on the show, and how to buy tickets, please visit the website here!  

Thank you for reading up on these events happening in the DFW area.  I am looking forward to experiencing all three in some manner or another!  Support your local events because they are a lot of fun and it's always great to meet up with fellow geeks!  Thanks for reading! Stay Geeky!  

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