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Reading Challenge Update!

Okay So a few people actually chose numbers on my Facebook Event page.

Here's the List:

  1. Xenos Markus O'Sullivan: 42 Books
  2. Matt Run Carroll: 65 Books
  3. Whitney Reger: 115 Books
  4. Krystal McDaniel Snyder: 108 Books
  5. Samuel Hart: 101 Books
  6. Lori Winchester: 24 Books
  7. LeAnn Jones: 75 Books
  8. Christopher Glen Shaffer: 83 Books
  9. Ross T. Nisbet : 103 Books
As long as a number isn't chosen go ahead and get in on this guys! You could win a free book!

If your confused, look here: The Reading Challenge to find out whats going on.

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