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Random Bit of Awesomeness: King of Kong Fans Take Note!

Hey Everybody Rick here with a wonderfully funny parody trailer. A few years back, a documentary film called "King of Kong" came out depicting one man's battle to beat the record of the high score on the arcade machine of Donkey Kong. If you have never seen the Documentary, you NEED to see it before you see this parody trailer or every single joke will fly right over your head. However, for those who HAVE seen the documentary, you will love every single call back and joke aimed squarely at the original movie that this is a parody of. They even go so far as to get some of the people involved in the original documentary into this parody trailer which makes it even funnier. So for those who have seen the original movie, enjoy. For those who have not, go and see "KING OF KONG" before you see this. Also, it's a pretty damn good documentary so check it out!


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