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Monster Hunter International

About 2 months ago I cam across this book called Monster Hunter International at the Closing Borders books store at my local mall. All the books were 70% off and I had NO MONEY!!!!! Sadly all kinds of books had to be passed on.

Well recently I got my hands on a copy and I read the book. I am in love with the entire Concept.

I fell completely for the premise, the Monster Hunters, the character dynamics everything.

It was written by a man named Larry Correia who has written several other novels. To sum up this man...well its best you read the self written blurb in his About Me section yourself.

His Monster Hunter International series has spawned the Monster Hunter Nation, and a slew of merchandise available on Monster Hunter International's Cafepress.

Now, to make it even cooler, for his second book he held a Patch contest to name the newest team to be introduced. The Patches were created by the fans and he chose the one he liked the most to make the cut. Here is his blog post on the first contest: Monster Hunter International Patch Contest.

The Second contest is going on right now, which is the one I'm entering if I get my Patch done in time. You can read about it here: Monster Hunter International Patch Contest II: The Patchening!

Look into this excellent series and check out the patches. If your a fan of Guns, killing Monsters and people who thwart authority then this is a series for you!

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