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The Heromachine

Who doesn’t want to create a superhero or the next big movie character?

For those of us who can’t draw, our creativity is limited. We were limited to our imagination, words on a page, or to the money we could pay to see our creation born.

For me that was frustrating, I love to read and create the images of the characters in my head, but when I created my own for personal use, I wanted something more than mere words to describe the character.

I role-played over the internet and sadly, I would take images created by artists and use them to represent myself (a BIG no-no ladies and gentleman).

I didn’t like doing that, for the simple fact that I am an appreciator of art and it wasn’t mine. And I took every effort though, to ensure copyrights on images remained there and that people knew it wasn’t my art.

Well one day I’m on a Star Wars forum (you may have heard of it, that little old place known as the Jedi Council Forums at, and I see this neat image of a superhero someone made. I just skimmed over the topic and found they used some generator to create it, really not paying much attention, then it struck me, I could totally use that!

It took me several days to learn it was something called the Heromachine. Now, it obviously sounds like something you could use to create superheroes with, and that was what I was going to do, create a few superheroes and be “Aha! I’m equal to you now!” and use them for an RP.

Then I discovered the Heromachine did more than make superheroes… with it you could make a Medieval Knight, a modern Commando, even Jedi and Sith.

I promptly went into creator mode and made a model for all my active characters, and then I started making characters that didn’t exist in my RPs, they were just ideas that burst through me.

The Heromachine has several versions:

Heromachine Classic The Classic has a few options, but is limited in its creation.

Heromachine 2.5 2.5 adds alot of options to the experience and improves functionality. This is the one I used when I first discovered the Heromachine. An added bonus is you can download it and use it offline where as the others need you to be connected for use,

Heromachine Real Life Edition I never really played with this once more than once, its ok, but like the classic has limited options.

Heromachine Pin-Up Edition I have never used this one but it looks like it could be interesting.

Heromachine Zombie Edition Iused this one to make images for my Necronomicon renamed Grimoirenomicon for originality. This one creates some awesome images.

Heromachine Rockstar Edition I've also not played around with this one either.

And now, we have the latest and greatest…the Heromachine 3 Alpha, which is still in development.

Now, admittedly, you are limited to the images and objects are in the menus, but Heromachine 3 is constantly adding new content all the time.

So, if you feel the urge to create a character of some sort and have less artistic skill than a caveman, please do look into the Heromachine.


Below are some images I've made with the Heromachines.

Heromachine 2.5:

Cyndie above is a character from the brilliant mind of Beth McCular. Eleni pictured below is her's as well

Hero Machine 3 Alpha:

(To be added Later)

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