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31 Days of Horror: An Introduction.

Hey Everybody, Rick here.  The month of October is typically a month that tends to get a little busy for those of us here in the USG.  There are conventions, and some geeky events, and also some of us (me) are either working in a haunt or performing in a show.  That said, it has been a pretty great more or less non stop run of the show hasn't it? 

I for one, am quite pleased with the direction we have been taking but even we need a small break.  We are going to be taking the month of October off from the show.  At least the main show.  It's up to Cole, Andy, and Stu if they want to keep running with Collector Sector in October.  This doesn't mean that USG is going to be gone completely for this month.  Far from it.  We have a couple of special edition episodes in addition to some daily content that will knock your socks off.  Which brings me to this....

31 Days of Horror

 Back in 2009, I started writing a daily blog on Facebook that nearly no one actually read save for a few friends.  This was well before USG even started.  I have been inspired to revisit some of the movies I talked about in that blog as well as some that I have seen between then and now.  Some titles and reviews will remain the same as what I put in the blog, while others will be excised completely because of my state of mind at the time when I wrote those reviews.  (Read: Bored and unemployed.)  Other titles are new to this particular iteration of the series and it was a blast getting the opportunity to revisit some of these flicks.

It should be noted that there are some titles that are a little more kid friendly in this list.  Titles like Monster House, Nightmare Before Christmas, and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown are too good to not discuss in this series.  Especially the latter two because of their iconic status.

It is my sincerest hope that you enjoy 31 days of horror and that you give these movies a chance and that you enjoy them (and this series) as much as I will enjoy this little journey through these 31 movies! NOTE: These are some of my favorite horror movies.  The list can go beyond 31 but still.  These are not necessarily ones I will recommend to everyone!  Thanks!


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